About Us

Family Trees Unlimited was created by Kathy Snell in 1984.  Originally, all the "people" were sculpted in bread dough and baked in the family oven.  

As the business grew, Kathy was joined by her daughter, Christy, and in 1990 they moved to a workshop location. In 1992, after much experimentation, molds were made from the bread dough originals.  

The "people" and the rest of the products are now cast in a special formula resin, then hand painted and decorated.

The product line has grown from the original Family Tree and Necklace to an extensive line of Family Ornaments for all occasions.  

These ornaments are given a high gloss coating, giving the appearance of ceramics, but they maintain the durability of resin. Your ideas, suggestions, comments and special requests are always welcome.  

We love to hear from our customers!